The Beauty Tummy Support


Beauty Tummy Support

Beauty Tummy Support   

Additional abdominal support

Helps prevent a prolapsed uterus after childbirth

Protects postoperative sensitivity

Helps protect a hernia condition

Helps relieve menstrual cramps

Less bladder pressure

Provides a feeling of more energy, because it reverses the pull of gravity and anchors it in the back hip area

Can be adjusted for a tighter fit after it is put on.  This is an advantage for people who find it difficult to pull on a tight  panti-girdle.  Helps relieve Chronic backaches.  Helps relieve ‘Pendulous Abdomen’.  Gives a more slender silhouette with a natural look from behind.  Supports after a Caesarean Section.

Colours: White.

Sizes: Jr. Petite – 6XL.

Beauty Tummy Support