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Beauty Figure Control


Our Beauty Figure Control garment gives you a great look – no matter what the view. The garment is so light – you won’t even be conscious of wearing it. But you will definitely want to.

The Beauty Figure Control is available in Brief and Medium Lengths.

Colours available: Skin, Black and White. (Brief is in White only)

Beauty Figure Control - Black

Beauty Figure Control



Beauty Waist Trimmer

Beauty Waist Trimmer – Black






Are you tired of seeing that unsightly bulge under your clothes, around your middle?  Have you tried long-line bras, only to find them uncomfortable and cumbersome?  If so… our waist-trimming undergarment is for YOU!  Our simple, breathable, front-hook closing, Waist Trimmer helps you look your best whether you are dressed for a day at the office or for your special occasions.

Beauty Waist Trimmer greatly complements your Beauty Bra and Beauty Figure Control.  When all three are worn together, they create a beautifully enhanced appearance.  Comfortably slims your figure and creates – A NEW YOU!

Colours: Skin, White and Black.  Sizes: 26 inch to 42 inch.


All Three Beauty Garments worn together. Beauty Bra, Beauty Figure Control and Beauty Waist Trimmer

All Three Beauty Garments worn together: Beauty Bra, Beauty Figure Control and

Beauty Waist Trimmer