Beauty Bra – Classic Style

Beauty Bra – Classic

  *Beauty Bra – Classic Style

* The Original Jeunique Bra (as sold in New Zealand)


 Do you have trouble finding a bra that is supportive, comfortable, enhances your  figure and lasts a long time?  Are you tired of going from shop to shop?  If so, you are the lady I want to meet!

Did you realise that up to 70% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? With the personally fitted Beauty Bra, (formerly Jeunique) beauty and comfort go hand in hand. This amazing bra has brought comfort and elegance to women in many parts of the world and is now available in Christchurch. It is the bra for a woman in all phases of her life. The teenage figure, the small busted figure, the medium busted figure, the fuller figure, the maternity figure (wonderful for breastfeeding too), the sports minded, horsewomen and the mastectomy figure.

This bra is available in 186 sizes!! From 26A to 46KK  (6A to 26KK).  No underwires, no stretch straps, straps never fall down, the bust is supported from underneath – not from the shoulders – by a cleverly concealed inbuilt shelf.  The Classic Beauty Bras can be altered to a front opening garment.

All Beauty Bras are custom fitted to your exact body shape so that you not only feel comfortable but look great as well. I believe comfort and elegance should go together.



Colours available: white, skin tone and black.

Available in 186 individual size combinations

Sizes: 26A to 46KK (6A to 26KK)