About Esther Rokk Under Fashions

By | March 10, 2012

Esther Rokk UnderFashions. For all your corsetry, bras and shapewear needs.

Ladies, my name is Esther Rokk and I am an Independent ShapeWear Consultant for Beauty for You.

Do you have trouble finding a bra that is supportive, comfortable, enhances your figure and lasts a long time? Are you tired of going from shop to shop?

If so, you are the lady I want to meet! I can come to you and provide a free, personalised fitting.

Did you realise that up to 70% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? With the personally fitted Jeunique Bra, beauty and comfort go hand in hand. This amazing bra has brought comfort and elegance to women all over the world and is now available in Christchurch. It is the bra for a woman in all phases of her life. The teenage figure, the small busted figure, the medium busted figure, the fuller figure, the sports minded and the mastectomy figure.


The Jeunqiue Bra.

This bra is available in 176 sizes!! From 26A to 46KK. No underwires, no stretch straps, straps never fall down, the bust is supported from underneath – not from the shoulders. Any of the Jeunique Bras can be altered to a front opening garment.

All Jenique Bras are custom fitted to your exact body shape so that you not only feel comfortable but look great as well. I believe comfort and elegance should go together.

I welcome ladies who have had a mastectomy as we obtain exciting results when the Jeunique Bra is used with a prosthesis. The prosthesis is securely held in place and any weight from the prosthesis is minimised due to the special design of the bra. I am a registered Health

Provider and can take care of all the paperwork with the Ministry of Health. Colours available: white, latte and black.


The other ShapeWear and Corsetry garments that you will love to see and experience are as follows:


Figure Fashion Control.
You do not have to give up comfort to get control. Now you can achieve Fashion Figure Control (FFC) with our patented light weight control garment without restricting circulation. Our FFC garment gives you a great look- no matter what the vierw. FFC is so light you wont even know you’re wearing it, but you will definitely want to. The Figure Fashion Control is available in Brief, Medium Leg and Long Leg lengths. Colours available: white, latte and black. Sizes range from 28-42 inches.


The Nu-Shape Waist Trimmer.
Are you tired of seeing that unsightly bulge under your clothes, around your middle? Have you tried long-line bras, only to find them uncomfortable and cumbersome? If so… Nu-Shape is the waist-trimming undergarment is for YOU. Cleverly designed to to fit closely to the body and enhance the waistline. Colours available: white, latte and black. Sizes 26 inches to 42 inches.


Natal Support.
Do you know anyone who is expecting a baby? Chances are she needs ‘a lift’ in the right places. The Jeunique Natal Support garment cradles the weight of the baby giving immediate comfort and support. Relieves back pain and abdominal pressure, plus minimizes swelling of the feet and ankles. Colours available: white only. Sizes Jr Petite – 6XL.


Back to Normal™
A soft approach to lumber back support and for women who have had a hysterectomy or any abdominal surgery. The Back to Normal garment slightly lifts and gently supports the abdomen, allowing the organs to heal in their proper position. There is also less bladder pressure. The Back to Normal relieves the pain and pressure of hernia conditions or is just a very comfortable tummy control garment for all women. Colour: white only. Sizes Jr Petite – 6XL.


These specialised garments are not available from stores and are exclusive to Beauty for You.